‘Till Death’

Recently I traveled to Auckland with my family and after previously been approached by a  designer an timing been wrong for her meaning she couldn’t stay on board, I decided I was still doing a shoot, I love connecting and meeting new like minded creatives and bringing ideas to life, I like to challenge myself with new ideas and new places, while this particular vision wasn’t what I had in my mind (thanks again mother nature) it came together perfectly! (AGAIN) we all know how much I love creating something out of nothing and that for sure happened here!  although not with out drama, but that is a different blog post for a different day, I will say this…… I completely dislike fake and selfish people, people that hold a persona of empowering morals and standards for other professionals, particularly woman, whom then create an issue out of something that is unrelating to them , all for their own personal selfish  gain …  excuses the English version of French here, but f@$k that and f@$k you! I’m not one to care what people think, but when their opinion effects my business and creative drive to better myself, be better at what I do, be a inspiring creative and work with other vendors, I have this saying that’s fast becoming popular by those around me….. Eat a D@$k!

I cannot thank and recommend the vendors I worked with enough! Frankly when vendors get together, no questions asked on their own back and time to create a styled scene, anyone considering them as a vendor should not think twice, these things cost money and take a lot of time and if vendors pull together with out charging each other, it really is a testament to who they are! These days a persons character is just as important as their work itself, its the connection that draws you to them and them to you.



I had my photographer, I had my florist, I had my hair and make up lady, a date, a potential location and a back up plan…… please note the use of had…. F@$king Had!

With the original photographer and florist pulling out with less than two week till the shoot date I was not willing to give up ( im a tad crazy!!), Will had reached out to me previously on Instagram so naturally I contacted him, while Will’s Instagram feed had a different feel to what mine I still like his worked and what he does, and feel so sorry for him for having to deal with the shit that came after the fact, hes a good photographer, and he loves what he does!

Rose of Blossom and Wild was someone I had followed for awhile, I was drawn to her wild and free spirit and her style of floral art so the fact she did end up working with me was flippin fantastic!, so if you are looking for a florist that resonates with your free spirit has a cool sense of humor and puts some cool florals together from a vague verbal description and a couple photos, she’s your gal!  she also came in tow with Will ( Thank you will :D).



Our cake designer the Frosted Crown came recommended by a local in town here, it was her God Daughter and she couldn’t speck highly enough of her! so i checked her out and sent a message……the irony here is that it turns out Mary-Jo and I knew each other from her time in Fielding!( she made a good freinds daughter first birthday cake and was the lady that poured my drinks in my party days :D) so for me it felt just right having a ‘local’ on board! the poor woman! I wanted something unique but as I had no budget nor did she all ideas were a dud, and probably a little confusing ( my bad Mary-Jo 😀 ) We got their in the end! she created this amazing 3 tier geometric modern cake!


This shoot was originally inspired by urban new York, it was the color scheme I based the styling on, trying to bring a new kind of urban to the table but with mother nature doing her thang the back up plan of Vic market was off the cards and the back up back up plan was in place, not realizing the Thievery Studio was located right above Nick Von K studio! So when Nick pointed that out, I went for a look, I held out paying for the studio till like…… the last hour, because I wanted a break in the weather, I needed the back drop Vic market had to give these image the look I was envisioning,  needless to say the thievery studio provided  a nice crisp blank urban back drop, the team there are amazing and I can not thank them enough for the last minute minute  booking!


Nick Von K.… what can I say, his jewelry is to die for! his studio is set out in a way you cant help but look and feel his product, I feel in love even more with his designs, but then my personal style does sway to the more unique products! I highly recommend checking him and his sweet range of jewelry out!

Sarah from the pretty prop shop was equally amazing and accommodating, she was actually the only the only vendor that provided a hire range I approached that was more than willing to collaborate as apposed to charging with and expecting full credit, (I don’t expect anything for free but if I have to pay for a product or service it grinds my gears when they expect full credit)  she has an amazing product range I am in love with and fully intend to work with her again! this shoot wasn’t overly rewarding for her but she was still a trooper and a absolute gem!


The guys at Radical Neon were fantastic! its their product that has given this shoot its name! if your looking for a personalized neon sign hit them up!

My original make up artist pulled out last minute due to a allergic reaction and I was sent to Ruth, the absolute trooper came on board less than 24 hours before hand, she asked to not be named due to the drama that unfolded after wards, but I say f@#k that! when your that awsome the world needs to know ( sorry Ruth) take credit where credit is due and this instance it is due!

Natalie Chan was the choice of bridal ware for this shoot, I fell in love with the ethereal and unique designs Natalie creates, she is 100% NZ made in house in their bridal studio in Parnell. with samples stocked in our store! Natalie’s marketing guru Nicole was awsome and accommodating through this process, and I can not thank her enough for the support! they really are worth the stop on your hunt for the perfect bridal ware!


Talia…..Thank you, Thank you for been out ‘Till Death’ babe! you came on last minute and absolutely rocked it! your a right little gem and we wish you all the best! and huge thanks to your mumzie to :D,  totally hope we can work with you again soon!


Ive learnt more often than not things happen for a reason, its why when planning my shoots, when I get to a point most would just give up, I carry on, my specialty is creating something from nothing, I pride myself on creating beauty in a way not normally seen or helping other see beauty where they normally wouldn’t, either in our surroundings or ourselves…..

Stay Beautiful Babes


Styled Shoot Credit

Photography: Willskie (Instagram)

Florist: Blossom and Wild

Hair and make up: Ruth

Neon Sign: radikal neon (Ponsonby Based)

Jewelry: Nick von K

Dress and head peice: Natalie Chan

Model: Talia Rose

Cake: The Frosted Crown

Props: The Pretty Prop Shop & Wild Rose NZ ( my signature Himalayan salt tea lit holders)

Planning & Styling: Wild Rose NZ



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