Rathmoy Lodge

I wanted to do a post about a shoot put together early last year with some amazing local talent.

Not withstanding, this shoot had its issues to ( haha) yet again mother nature let us down keeping our creative shots to the lodge in the conservatory with a grand ol’ fireplace.

The florist was a total no show due to getting lost, so I rustled up a bouquet out of some greenery and a single hydrangea head Andrea bought down from the main house, our photographer Christie nearly got lost because Google sucks at directions ( mind you i’m not much better ๐Ÿ˜€ )

Cut a long story short from bad there always comes good I of all people have learnt this many times over the past years!

Before this shoot I was never a huge fan of the editorial look in images, I felt like they were disconnected and didn’t actually speck to the masses, people generally want to see something real, even if it is a scene that has been set I guess its why the more traditional fashion and bridal magazines don’t hold a huge place in peoples hearts anymore, it could just be me I dano, with social media being a huge part of our lives now its increasingly hard to even know the difference anymore , I personally like to feel the chemistry in the images, but Christie has swayed me to take a likeing to this style of results with the way the images came together, there was a sense of realness among this editorial style making the results more relatable.

This location gave me a back drop that spoke to my soul, its remote location, the wood work, the fire place, it holds a sense of relaxation and freedom and I wanted to focus on feature I knew the owners loved…. That fire place!

ANNNYYYWWAAYYY we had an epic team of creatives and transformed rathmoy lodge into a haven of laughter, Good food and style, scroll down to check out yet another reason why I love collaborating with other vendors! These guys were awsome!

Food was catered and styled by Pitter Platter in Whanganui, Simone was fantastic to work with and once I knew how to set the table she jumped straight into work!
Hair and Make up was done by mobile hair & make up by lee ann, Mellissa is an absolutely gem, when she asked me what I wanted I told her to bring something to the table that works with the vibe we had going, she exceeded expectations!
Our models were amazing! they had never met before this day and gelled so well!

Holly wears Two Doves Bridal

Hassan wears Rembrandit
Rathmoy Lodge is located just out of Hunterville, its hidden gem just far enough away you feel like your in a different world, the lodge is nestled on the edge of the Rangitikei river with enough open space you feel totally free! plus the team are fantastic.
on a side note, im no florist and I know what I know from self teaching, but that bouquet is simple yet effective and I loved it so much its sitting in the store dried on one of the large cabinets ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

This amazing group of Whanganui-Manawatu Creatives are…

Styling, Florals and dรฉcor – Wild Rose nz

Food – Pitter Platter

Hair and make up – Mobile hair and make up by lee ann

Dress – Two Doves Bridal

Suit – Rembrandit Palmerston North

location – Rathmoy lodge

Photography – Wolf Paw and Daisy

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